1. I’ve learned the hard way that academics are not who you are," Kashawn said as he walked through Sproul Plaza, heading back to the dorm one day in May. "They are something you need to learn to get to the next level of life, but they can’t define me. My grades at Cal are not Kashawn Campbell.
    South L.A. student finds a different world at UC Berkeley - latimes.com

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  2. As the director of the Berkeley study wrote, looking back in the ’70s, “We have learned that no one becomes mature without living through the pains and confusions of maturing experiences.”
    Generation OMG - NYTimes.com

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  3. The best thing that can be said for American youth, in or out of uniform, is that it has learned that it must try to make the best of a bad and difficult job, whether that job is life, war, or both,” Time concluded. “The generation which has been called the oldest young generation in the world has achieved a certain maturity.
    Generation OMG - NYTimes.com

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  4. i asked the doctor, the very cute one, if i’m crazy and he said no. you’re lost.
    dendoo shares: her soul « this is the dendoo blog, duh

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  5. When does a recession turn into a depression? When economists start getting fired! Since the experts can’t even agree on how long this downturn will last, let’s hope that starts happening soon. One thing everyone agrees on: The current economic contraction, which began a year ago, will be the longest on record since the Great Depression. The optimistic scenario, voiced in the New York Times, is that it will end by the middle of 2009,

    Recessionomics: How Long Will the Greatest Depression Be?

    Does this mean I can just sit on my keister with the “It’s shitty times” excuse until summer?

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