1. “Editing” will move from editing individual images and toward editing series of images, or in an easier-to-understand sense, toward storytelling.
    The Filter Future — Photography Past, Present, Future — Medium

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  2. Flickr now has more and better filters than Instagram. There’s the ability to like your friends’ photos just as you can on Instagram. It’s got geotagging (which, up until a new photo taking button, was the only product innovation Instagram had provided since launching the product 2 years ago). It has the ability to push the photo updates out to Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter (Instagam no longer plays nice with Twitter).

    All these updates would be enough to make Flickr’s mobile app better than Instagram’s. However, they still have the ability to push the photos out to groups of all kinds (always a Flickr strength), photo stats (how many times has your photo been viewed? and on which camera was it taken?), and storage. That last one is big. Because it actually allows Flickr to generate revenue, something which Instagram has yet to do since its inception. I’ve been a pro subscriber for years now and I’ll keep re-upping. All my public and private photos are there.

    Marissa Mayer Just Embarrassed Twitter And Instagram With The New Flickr Mobile App Update - Forbes

    It’s like I can’t keep track of who’s David and who’s Goliath anymore, and that’s fascinating.

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  3. Hee hee! (via Instagram)

    Hee hee! (via Instagram)

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