1. Jones, for one, believes a startup’s success is entirely dependent upon the execution and how it incorporates a famous face. “It needs to be an authentic integration that’s very genuine for both the brand and the celebrity, as well as logical to the audience,” he says.

    If the celebrity is a high influencer with a large reach and can keep consumers engaged, then there’s potential, he adds.


    Are Celebrity Investors Worth the Hype? | Entrepreneur.com

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  2. 6. Tech people adopt early
    And you use Hotmail.
    Reasons Why Tech People Make You Feel Stupid - The Bold Italic - San Francisco

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  3. Because yes, it is frequently kind of sucky to be a woman in tech.

    So you know what, Samsung? You’re not helping. Shut up and make me a phone.

    Samsung GS4 launch: Tone-deaf and shockingly sexist | Molly Rants - CNET News

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  4. The call ended. There was silence, then frustration, then sadness.

    We went back to other investment firms that we had also received term sheets from prior to committing to Benchmark, but after Benchmark pulled out, the news spread and we had the scarlet letter, or maybe the scarlet zero. We were hosed.

    Protect Kids, Get F*cked — What I Learned Building… — Medium

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  5. One thing that never ceases to amaze me is how similar some of the metrics are from service to service and company to company. I like to call these the web/mobile laws of physics. One fairly common “law of web/mobile physics” is the ratio of registered users/downloads to monthly actives, daily actives, and max concurrent users (for services that have a real time component to them).

    I call this ratio 30/10/10 and so many services that we see exhibit it within a few percentage points here and there.

    Here’s how it works:
    30% of the registered users or number of downloads (if its a mobile app) will use the service each month
    10% of the registered users or number of downloads (if its a mobile app) will use the service each day
    the max number of concurrent users of a real-time service will be 10% of the number of daily users

    We see these ratios across social web apps, social mobile apps, games, music services, and many other consumer web and mobile services.

    A VC: 30/10/10

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  6. femalesoftwareeng:

When I see a link to Hack of the Sexes

I’m not a female software engineer, but as a woman in the startup world, YES. WHAT IS THAT FUCKERY.


    When I see a link to Hack of the Sexes

    I’m not a female software engineer, but as a woman in the startup world, YES. WHAT IS THAT FUCKERY.

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  7. Mobile is a different paradigm, and social has re-ordered the way we discover and consumer content. While homepages and verticals are still important, young consumers especially live in a world in which content finds it way to them rather than the other way around.
    Marissa Mayer’s “daily habit”: Just a catchphrase, or actual new mission?

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  8. They are losers. They are out there. And you should not hire them.
    Losers exist. Don’t hire them

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  9. You know who else has great ideas, or at least feels they do? Homeless people. And if the guy at the 24th Street BART station is an entrepreneur, I’m concerned.
    How to Be an Entrepreneur - The Bold Italic - San Francisco

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  10. On bringing Fashionstake into their fold (its founders are now Fab’s fashion buyers), he explained, “Their mission was the exact same thing, to make fashion democratic, to find these emerging designers that didn’t have a platform and help them get their goods into people’s hands. What they lacked, honestly, was having an audience. So what we’ve done now is really a marriage of the two; we’ve built this really expansive audience and they have this very deep rolodex of designers who are itching to sell their products.”

    Fashion Tech Boom: Why It’s Happening and How Startups Get Funded – Fashionista: Fashion Industry News, Designers, Runway Shows, Style Advice

    Welcome to fashion’s bubble. Everybody wantsta get bought.

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  11. Tickets work great for things that are a privilege. Movies, concerts, cruises, and so on. Tickets worked great for flying in the 30′s, 40′s, and 50′s because it was a treat. It wasn’t something everyone did. Now, flying isn’t a treat. For many people, it’s the bane of their week. Parking, the huge time sink at the airport, the uncomfortable seats, the inefficient routes, the bad food, the TSA’s aggressive and unnecessary prodding. Flying sucks. You don’t charge tickets for an experience that sucks. You can’t make money that way.

    PlaneRed To Taunt Airlines, TSA - Ed Zitron - Tea and Technology - Forbes

    All-you-can-fly subscription-based airline with a promise to skip the TSA entirely. I’ve signed up for the first round of PlaneRed, have you?

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